White bishop to black knight?
Not even the Nimzowitsch defence will suffice you here...

Resign my commission, relieve me of my command
Disband my outfit, dissolve this entity
My body is numb, my brain wont grab the bait
My spirit is lost, now I'm checkmate

I don't belong here, this is not my world
Send me home to my star, where my sanity matches par
My soul is dead, I can't stand the wait
My brain is blown and now I'm checkmate

Switch me off, plug me out, repack me in the original box
Claim your money back, refer to the unfulfilled guarantee
Sack me, shoot me, kill me, I won't accept my fate
I want to go away, so now I'm checkmate

Have you ever considered a mercy killing?
If so, I beg you to let it be me, please let it be me!
Sack me, shoot me, kill me, before its too late
All fuses are blown, I'm totally checkmate