Ten-hut, forward march!
Abundance of mouths to feed
Forces compulsion to load your greed
Un-united nations, just lobbyists from hell
Solidarity means only with yourself

Borrow cash from demeaning regimes
Special price for you my fiend
Just let the environment derange
Our lifestyle must not change

Your diamonds fund child armies
Your apple was assembled by a slave
Punish the third world for all the things you crave

White trash are throwing stones again
Hijacking every noble point of view
Just cause daddy loved his money more than you
Spoilt beyond any application
Grab your grants, deduction, subtle regulation
Social designer will engineer your kin
To appease the doubt bound to rise within

Ignore the warning sign
Death March is on the rise
Easter Island globalized
Collective omnicide

The best profits run guns, drugs or women
Feeding our need to kill, escape and whore
And we're almost out of oil so let’s start another war

Join the anthropogenic denial fest
Pejorative for any whistle blow
Escalation of commitment is now on show