Breathe decline
On eventide
Compel to join the rot
Jaded eyes
To sympathise
Comply and I will act the plot

Hold the line
This wait is blind
Solitary I will man the wall
Face the front
Take the full brunt
Bereavement awaits us all

Automatic ice
Intricated vice
Burdened by a lack of will
Terminal shame
Play the end game
My time hardly fit to kill

Loose the shore
Nothing left to adore
The heaviest of energies
Abandon hope
Ride the slippery slope
Now running on batteries
Distract me with cake or beer and you'll be fine...

Play the end game
Play on fear
The end is near
Everyone is so far away
Growing old
Growing cold
Fall, discharge and decay

Tell no lie
It's time to die
Crisis fatigue to unfold
Requests in vain
Suffer my disdain
On to hunger I shall hold

Thoughts of dread in my wake
Fall asleep
Expose defeat
It's too late to mitigate

Turn the page
Control my rage
Stupor will see me out
One million tears
One billion fears
Eternal bondage of doubt