I saw your face, I saw the fire,
Told myself to go get burned.
Enlightening flames of out desire
Left me with ask and wounds, and what I've learned!

The sky that cries and cleans my skin
How it tries to clean within
Hah, yet it fails; so frail I am not
I hold nigh the void I have got

Stumbling away from the goal that I sought
A rumbling thunder fills holes in my thought
A lightening stroke like broken glass
Celebrate black brides with splendour and class

Under the fog and the shades and the mist
Covering the streets, chaining my loung and wrist
I barefoot run a marathon, only to find
That all I achieved was a trick of the mind

I know I ought not -- yet now I confess
What beautiful thoughts a mind can possess
My rusty old violin heart did me bring
No choise, only melodies. To you I sing.