Greetings earthling and thank you for letting me annoy your ears with the antecedents of my bleak outlook.

Please do not misinterpret this project as my attempt to save the planet in some naive reverse psychological
manner, by pointing out the undermining deconstructions of its human inhabitants, or the inevitable demise of
humanity as a whole, only to then expect an imminent blue eyed change for the better.

To be honest, I couldn't care less.

I'm not human, I cant relate to humans and I don't want anything to do with them. Its not that I'm any better
than you. Nope, my human body came with the same defects as yours.

All I ask is that humans could relate openly to their primaeval animal instincts, instead of perceiving themselves
as civilized, empathetic or peaceful. Its highly perplexing and at some point in my childhood, you almost had me fooled.

Grab a history book and discover that every empire, from the stone age till today, was built on brute force and greed.
At some point the wealth excess to that of its conquered subjects allows suffice to set in. The subjects will seize
this opportunity to strike back and a new cycle begins with a new empire. If you would argue that a sympathetic
demand for equality and wealth redistribution appears in sequence with surplus, then look again. Because at this point
the wealth has already been spent and the real intention is a declaration of brotherhood by panic, in order to
anticipate the imminent backfire. What surfaces as a redeeming notion is just the weakening that begins the end.

Considering two extremes, then where communism fits the lie, and would be the most perfect system of society ever
conceived, it falls through completely when practised with humans. And while fascism honestly personifies the true
spirit of the human mind, it violates its self deception. Both fail and both prove my point.

So please just kill, rape, suck and hate as you should. Live like the beasts in the jungle and all ends will add up.
You're doomed all the same.

Now please let me leave.