The grass is always greener on other planets...
Can you feel the rising energy?
Clouds lifting. Sun shining on me.
Relief. Joy. I'm just ecstatic.
I'm finally leaving this rotten planet!

No more pain. No more cries.
No more humans. No more lies.
The end is here. The end is now.
Can’t explain the relief I feel now!

Your world made me sick to the core.
Hateful, desperate and even paranoid.
Slowly this resentment is leaving my body.
Turning to calm contempt that is sure to fade slowly!

No matter to what place I’ll come.
It will surpass everything I came from.
Any star, rock, galaxy or void will even do.
As long as there are no humans on it too!

Finally, the day is here.
Passing through the atmosphere.
Leaving this entity.
Escape velocity!